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    Posted by Bob on 20/11/2013

    Thanks Jason! We really enjoyed your talk - superb and inspiring photographs and it was great to welcome several new members.

    Posted by Jason Curtis on 20/11/2013

    Thank you for inviting me to talk to your group last night, November 19th. I had a very warm welcome and a great cup of teas too. It was great to see so many people there all with a passion for the natural world! I hope the rest of your planning talks go well. Jason www.wildaboutwildlife.co.uk

    Posted by Liz on 08/04/2013

    Hello, I just wanted to report that my husband and I saw a Red Kite flying around over the field just in front of our house yesterday, giving a lovely display. We live in South Littleton, about half a mile from the Windmill Hill nature reserve. Dont know if this is a first, but we havnt seen one here before in our 33 years of living here.

    Posted by Mark (Tiddesley Volunteer) on 30/01/2013

    I took a walk around the wood today to check on the condition of our nest-boxes. We might want to rename the reserve The Avon Wetland Tiddesley Annex, I swear I saw a muntjac wearing a snorkel.

    Posted by Suzi (WWT) on 23/01/2012

    I love the website! There's loads of information here but it's really easy to navigate around.

    Posted by Zoe on 30/09/2011

    Great website. You have some really interesting indoor talks coming up this Autumn and Winter.