The Trust has a sales outlet for stamps and anything connected with philately - including mint sets, presentation FDCs, both GB and foreign, old albums, collections on stock sheets or in boxes, old postcards and entire old (pre-1960) envelopes with clear and interesting postmarks. In addition, the dealer will buy cigarette cards, tea cards, old currency (notes and coins, GB and foreign), commemorative coins and possibly medals.

Of course we would still like to receive all your trimmed everyday stamps. Please bring anything suitable to a meeting or contact Liz Stone, email if you would like to send them directly to her.

Stamps must be carefully trimmed to about 4mm of backing all round; the picture shows (top) how stamps should be trimmed, separated into (left) UK including commemorative and (right) foreign, including Isle of Man and Channel Islands. Below is how they are sometimes received, which means Liz has to spend far too many hours re-trimming them!